student ambassador program

We're looking for Student ambassadors to represent our brand new line of officially licensed university boots: Vaccari University.

Represent your school in style and get rewarded for doing so!


Do you consider yourself a trendsetter with a passion for style and a deep love for your university? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you! We are searching for Student Ambassadors to represent our line of officially licensed university boots. As a Student Ambassador, you'll not only step up your university pride, but you'll do it in style. We are looking for enthusiastic, creative, and stylish students who are proud to represent their school. It's time to stand out in the stand and turn heads in the quad!

As a Vaccari University Student Ambassador you'll get a chance to showcase your passion for your university by wearing and promoting boots that perfectly embody your school spirit. These boots are perfect for game days, tailgating, and every day campus activities. Be a trendsetter and inspire your peers, and get rewarded for doing so!



You will receive a one-time welcome voucher for 40% off your first pair of boots! Once you have your boots, it's time to let the budding influencer in you shine!


As a VU Student Ambassador, you'll create and post content to create buzz. Put your best foot forward in your new boots!


You will receive a 5% commission on total referral sales when a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link or uses your unique coupon code.


Early access to new product drops, features on our website and socials, and a chance to become one of the faces of our Student Ambassador Program!

who can apply

You must be 18 years or older and a full time college student with an active .edu email at one of the following universities:

texas state thumbnail.jpg__PID:23df0704-fd39-4449-9812-d86dcd10de82
Alabama thumbnail.jpg__PID:c01e5f01-192c-4e0b-b026-67034999540e
tennessee thumbnail-2.jpg__PID:f2b3e662-7e7b-4d2b-bbe9-fdca40deb9b4
CU thumbnail1.jpg__PID:8eb9a4f0-428a-472f-a905-3beea08c4dbd
Kansas thumbnail 2.jpg__PID:b9a4f042-8a37-4f29-853b-eea08c4dbd84
UTSA thumbnail.jpg__PID:f0428a37-2f29-453b-aea0-8c4dbd842522
ASU thumbnail.jpg__PID:7a9c8eb9-a4f0-428a-b72f-29053beea08c