Embrace quality, tradition, and affordability when you shop Vaccari Boots.


In the heart of San Antonio, Texas, the birthplace of Texan tradition and western culture, Vaccari Boots came to life. Founded on a simple yet unwavering principle: superior quality, for less. We've poured our dedication into providing our customers with unparalleled value by offering lower prices than our competitors, all without ever compromising the craftsmanship that defines our brand.


With over four decades of experience in the western wear industry, our owner has embraced every role within this realm. From meticulously sourcing the finest leather to navigating the intricacies of wholesaling and overseeing manufacturing facilities, he's traversed every avenue. These invaluable years in the industry were the bedrock for Vaccari. It isn't merely a brand born out of a deep seated passion for boots; it's a solution to grant consumers a more affordable option without the slightest compromise on quality.


Our boots rival the most expensive brands in terms of quality, yet they remain considerably more affordable. How do we do it? Our unique direct-to-consumer business model eliminates the retail margin, ensuring you get top-notch artistry at a fraction of the cost. Our boots are meticulously crafted in Leon, Mexico. With a rich history in shoemaking, Leon is the trusted hub for creating exceptional cowboy boots. Our boots are made in the same factories that we have cultivated enduring relationships with over the past four decades in the industry. This longstanding partnership is the cornerstone of our commitment to offering you exceptional value; It grants us precise control over both the price and quality of every pair, ensuring we deliver exceptional craftsmanship at lower prices than our competitors. We proudly stand by the exceptional quality and value that our boots offer and invite you to comparison shop to experience this firsthand.


Each Vaccari product carries the wisdom accumulated over these 40-plus years in the western wear industry. When you choose Vaccari, you're not just choosing boots; you're opting for quality, affordability, and a slice of Texan heritage. Join us in raising a toast to the spirit of craftsmanship, tradition, and innovation, all meticulously woven into every pair of Vaccari Boots. It's more than footwear; it's a connection to a legacy of excellence that's been decades in the making.




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